Russian lessons for beginners: MISSION POSSIBLE is a course of Russian language that is addressed to busy people who want to learn Russian but do not have time for regular lessons. The course is prepared in a way that the students do not need much time to follow it.

MISSION POSSIBLE: Master Russian in Your Busy Schedule

MISSION POSSIBLE is a unique Russian language course tailored for individuals with packed schedules. Through daily lessons learners make quicker progress than bi-weekly lessons. Available in beginner and advanced levels, the course provides comprehensive content, including video lessons, reading materials, cultural insights through songs, movies, and more. With just 10-15 minutes daily, students engage with expertly crafted materials and innovative memorization techniques. Expect to confidently speak and read basic Russian by the end, with knowledge spanning hundreds of keywords and the ability to construct thousands of sentences.

Duration of the course: 30 days

What is next?
If you like this course, you may continue with the second part and all other lessons available on this website.

MISSION POSSIBLE: Achieve Tangible Russian Proficiency in Just 90 Days

Dive into “MISSION POSSIBLE”, a course meticulously designed for those seeking measurable outcomes in their Russian learning journey.

Beginners can anticipate a solid foundation, confidently speaking and reading basic Russian, mastering approximately 300 key terms, comprehending 500-600 spoken words, and crafting over 1,000 diverse sentences.

Advanced learners will boost their active vocabulary to an impressive 700 words and increase their passive vocabulary recognition to 1,000 words. Furthermore, you’ll cement essential grammar rules and effortlessly recall invaluable phrases.

Our daily approach ensures steady progress, optimizing retention. Beyond the language, immerse in Russian culture with songs, movies, and more. With just a modest daily commitment, achieve results that traditionally demand more time. Begin your transformative Russian language journey today with “MISSION POSSIBLE”!

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