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Lesson 2

  1. ДА – yes
  2. НЕТ – no
  3. СПАСИБО – thank you!
  4. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА – please
  5. ПРИВЕТ – Hi!
  6. ПОКА – Bye!
  7. КАК ВАС ЗОВУТ? – What is your name?
  8. МЕНЯ ЗОВУТ… – My name is…
  9. ВЧЕРÁ – yesterday
  10. СЕГОДНЯ – today

Four years ago I recorded a short course with the 100 most useful words. I’ll share it with you. It will help you: 70% of these words are the same that we have to learn during our morning lessons.The duration of this video is only 3 minutes. You’ll integrate it into your working day.

Please listen to this song, trying to get few words. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.


The second reading lesson.