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Lesson 1

Your first lesson. Watch it now.

We’ll learn to read. Soon, in 10-12 days, you’ll be able to read all these words below. For the time being: If you do not remember how they sound, watch this small part of our lesson where I introduce new words. Do it every day, when you have new words. These are always the words that were pronounced during the lesson.

  1. ЗДРА́ВСТВУЙ! – Hello! (addressed to one person)
  2. ЗДРА́ВСТВУЙТЕ! – Hello! (addressed to many people, recommended to address people you meet for the first time). Do not forget: meeting a new person, Russians speak to him/her in the plural. You need to get permission to address with εσύ (Greek version) or tu (French version) of ТЫ (you).
  3. ПРИВЕ́Т! – Hi!
  4. ДО́БРОЕ У́ТРО! – Good morning!
  5. ДО́БРЫЙ ДЕ́НЬ! – Good afternoon!
  6. ДО́БРЫЙ ВЕ́ЧЕР! – Good evening!
  7. МЕНЯ ЗОВУТ… – My name is…
  8. ОЧЕНЬ ПРИЯТНО! – I am pleased (to meet you)
  9. ДО СВИДАНИЯ! – Goodbye
  10. ДО ЗАВТРА! – See you tomorrow! (Till tomorrow!)

This lesson starts with the words “I am recording your homework”. Do not panic! 🙂 We do not have homework. This video was recorded as a part of another course as homework for students who learnt Russian with me one year ago. I noticed that it helped much. Since then I use it as a complementary material for my beginner’s course.

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